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Frequently asked Questions

Openfair employs a rigorous vetting process for all listed businesses to ensure the accuracy of information and the legitimacy of the selling parties. Our process includes financial audits, legal checks, and a review of business operations. This thorough approach ensures that we present you with reliable and transparent opportunities

Yes, registered buyers on Openfair have access to comprehensive data rooms for each listed business. These data rooms contain detailed financial statements, operational data, and other pertinent documents. Access is governed by confidentiality agreements to protect both buyer and seller interests.

Openfair provides end-to-end support for buyers, including access to your own assistant, market analysis tools, and negotiation assistance. For Enterprise Plan members, a dedicated account manager will guide you through the acquisition process, from initial interest to closing.

Openfair operates with transparency regarding fees. Basic access to the platform and viewing of business listings is typically free for buyers. However, engaging in detailed information, accessing premium listings, or utilizing our additional services may incur fees. Specific plan details provide a clear outline of any associated costs.

Confidentiality is paramount at Openfair. We implement stringent security measures and protocols to protect all user information. Buyers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before accessing sensitive business data, ensuring that your search and potential transactions remain confidential.

Frequently asked Questions

To list your business, create an account on Openfair and choose the 'Sell Your Business' option. You'll be guided through submitting your business information and financials. Our straightforward listing process is designed to get your business in front of serious buyers quickly.

Our comprehensive vetting process ensures the marketplace's integrity. This includes verifying your business's information, performing financial audits, and checking for legal compliance. This thorough vetting maintains high-quality listings and trust with potential buyers.

Openfair charges a 4% success fee upon the successful sale of your business. There are no upfront costs for listing your business. This success fee is our way of aligning our interests with yours – we succeed only when you do.

Your business valuation on Openfair combines AI-driven algorithms with expert human analysis. We consider your business's financial performance, industry benchmarks, and current market conditions to ensure a realistic and comprehensive valuation.

We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality above all else. Detailed business information is shared exclusively with vetted buyers who have signed NDAs. Openfair employs state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your data throughout the selling process.