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Welcome to the Openfair Affiliate Program! We partner with business owners, decision-makers, and influencers to promote our platform and earn lucrative commissions while empowering entrepreneurs to buy and sell businesses with more confidence.
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Why Join the Openfair Affiliate Program?
Unlock instant liquidity by selling your business
High Commissions
Earn up to $45 per renewed listing subscription.
Match with 1000s of businesses
Progress through our tiered commission structure and maximize your earnings.
Navigate deals with ease
Receive your commissions monthly, after the first renewal of listing subscriptions.
Navigate deals with ease
Access higher payout tiers and exclusive rewards for top-performing affiliates and influencers.
Navigate deals with ease
Comprehensive Support
Benefit from dedicated support and extensive marketing resources.
Navigate deals with ease
Empowering Vision
Join a mission-driven platform focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.
Commission Structure
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Tools and Resources
Marketing Materials
Access branding guidelines, banners, email templates, and social media posts to promote Openfair.
Performance Tracking
Work with our team to set up effective tracking solutions on your preferred platforms, ensuring seamless integration and accurate performance data.
Custom Tracking Solutions
Collaborate with us to establish reliable tracking methods tailored to your needs.
Training and Webinars
Participate in ongoing training sessions and webinars to stay updated and improve your marketing strategies.
How to Get Started
Step 1: Sign Up & Get Approved
Join the program by filling out our affiliate application. Once approved, you’ll receive access to our marketing materials.
Step 2: Promote Openfair
Use your unique referral links and marketing materials to drive subscriptions.
Step 3: Earn Commissions
Use your unique referral links and marketing materials to drive subscriptions.
Support and Compliance
Dedicated Support
Our team is here to help you succeed. Get dedicated support and access to training sessions.
Adhere to our guidelines for content creation and disclosure requirements to ensure compliance.
Multiple Communication Channels
Reach us via email, phone, or through our social media channels for support and assistance.


Our Success Stories

Joining the Openfair Affiliate Program has been a game-changer for me. The commissions are excellent, and the support team is always there to help. It's a win-win!

business marketplace

Alex Carte

Successful Entrepreneur

Openfair’s tools and resources are top-notch. They make it easy to promote their services and track my performance. I highly recommend it!

buy a business

Rachel Green

Business Influencer

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill out the affiliate application form and wait for approval.

Commissions are paid monthly, after the first renewal of listing subscriptions.

We provide branding guidelines, banners, email templates, social media posts, and custom marketing materials upon request.

Affiliates have access to dedicated support, training sessions, and can reach us through multiple communication channels for assistance.

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Become a part of the Openfair Affiliate Program and start earning commissions by helping businesses succeed.
For more information or support, please contact our affiliate team at affiliates@openfair.co