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About us
At Openfair, we work to shape the future of buying and selling businesses, supporting each other's growth and development.
Openfair: Your Business Acquisition Copilot.
Openfair was conceived as an AI-native and automation-driven platform tailored to revolutionize the M&A process. It was founded to address the inefficiencies in sourcing, acquiring, and selling businesses, particularly targeting the gap presented by retiring baby-boomer business owners. By leveraging advanced AI for decision-making, Openfair democratizes access to business acquisitions and ownership, positioning itself as a pivotal tool in the digital age for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors alike.
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Meet the Team
Meet the key players in charge of modernizing and facilitating business acquisitions and ownership
Fouad Raji, CPA
Co-Founder, CEO
Fouad has demonstrated exceptional strategic and leadership skills in M&A, overseeing over $500M in transactions through his expertise in identifying synergies and executing complex deals. His methodical approach, including thorough market analysis and stakeholder engagement, has ensured optimal value for clients, resulting in a track record of profitable exits and acquisitions.
Saad Benryane
Co-Founder, CTO
Saad Benryane's leadership in leveraging AI technologies and user-centric design has been instrumental in Paper's success, achieving unicorn status by addressing educational sector gaps and developing AI and Automation tools for private equity businesses. His emphasis on innovation and collaboration has established innovation and collaboration beyond a single company.
Sidati Malainine
Marketing Assistant
Balogun Christopher
UX/UI Designer
Tobi Oyetade
Web Developer
Yaroslav Vovnenko
Mobile Developer
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Our Values
At Openfair, our values drive everything we do. We believe in
Simplicity and Success
Our solutions are designed to be straightforward yet unbeatably effective, ensuring a 100% success rate for business sales.
Simplicity and Success
We say what we think and do what we say, providing clients with the unvarnished truth about the M&A process.
Focused Expertise
Our singular focus is on selling businesses successfully, tailored to contribute positively to the American economy.
Customer-Centric Innovation
Innovations on our platform are directly inspired by client needs, ensuring confidentiality and satisfaction.
“Designed for discerning investors and serious sellers,
Openfair is a seamless, secure and confidential platform for
high-value transactions supported by AI technology.”
Saad Benryane - Co-Founder & CTO
Our Commitment to Customers
Openfair stands as a beacon of simplicity, success, and transparency in the M&A domain. We challenge traditional barriers, ensuring our clients experience unparalleled success and satisfaction.
“Our vision is to establish the global standard for M&A transactions, creating economic opportunities and fostering innovation. We're shaping the future of how businesses transition ownership.”
Fouad Raji - Co-Founder & CEO
Vision for the Future
Guided by the pioneering spirit of our founders and fueled by a team committed to excellence, Openfair is on a mission to democratize the business acquisition process. We envision a platform where every transaction is marked by efficiency, security, and mutual success.
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