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Online Ticket Broker Biz | 100% Turnkey | Sports, Concerts, and Events

Miami, Florida
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Done-For-You Marketing | Entirely Automated | $100K+ Annual NET Online Ticket Broker Business running your own Ticket Resell Website geo-targeted to a specific regional area. This is a business similar to Vivid Seats, Ticket Master, StubHub, etc... You make 20-30% on all ticket sales and you are still more affordable in comparison than most of the bigger ticket sale companies. Quick Business Financials: $100K+/year NET potential Expenses: $1,500-$3,000 per month to start. Expenses will increase as you grow the business. (See the attached proforma for more information!) This business is 100% Turnkey and almost entirely automated outside of basic management tasks. All of the marketing is already handled for you by our team with campaigns that will be running across Google and social media targeting specific events and rotating as new events become available. All tickets are delivered directly via 3rd party broker to your customers through email, text, or box office pickup based on their selection. This is a big money business and doing 6 figures in a year is just a drop in the bucket. You can make thousands of dollars just off of one single popular event. You can run this business from home, from your laptop, from your phone... from anywhere. Our team handles everything for you as part of the sale... - Fully automated Ticket resell website with geo-targeting - Integration with ticket broker network so you hold NO inventory and have to buy NO tickets... you simply make fees on the backend of the ticket sales. - Fully managed payments with payouts monthly or weekly via ACH deposit - CRM and Customer Management system included. You can change your fee structure at any time, send out email promotions, SMS promotions, and so much more. - Done-For-You Google Ads and Social Media ads that are event-targeted and geo-targeted - Full and thorough initial ownership training and then post-sale support for 90 days with additional post-sale support available upon request. - Our team helps you with the setup of your company, your IT infrastructure needed for this business, all of your graphics, your ads, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing business and start your new year with a thriving online business that will help you reach your financial goals in 2024 and beyond.
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