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Profitable Ground Linehaul Routes In Texas For Sale

North West Houston, Texas
Transportation and storage
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Description: We were awarded a FedEx Ground contract in 2022. Earnings were over 1.1M that year and increased to over 1.79M in 2023, with a net income of over 675K. Projected earnings this year are between 2.2 and 2.3 million. We developed a business model that drives a high net income—starting with a manager who has extensive experience in team building and with ground safety standards. This business pays the highest mileage rates in the city, so we keep most of our runs local. Here are some other ways we've created efficiencies and sustained growth: - Our trucks drive revenue 24 hours a day, using two 12-hour shifts. - We're a quota-driven fleet, with most drivers posting numbers over quota. Driver captains help maintain safety and drivers' quotas. - We have 20 day and night drivers working part-time or full-time. - We use 5 to 6 trucks at night and 3 during the day. - We have 4 unassigned runs with two stations. - We complete over 16 spots and 50 metros each day. - We keep a mechanic on site to handle same-day repairs, minimizing truck downtime.
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