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Mid-Atlantic Commercial Plumbing Contractor

United States
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Plumbers protect the health of the nation by ensuring the safe delivery of clean water to the public. That is a quote from the owner of this commercial plumbing contractor located in the Mid-Atlantic and an idea that is well-supported in the data surrounding the industry. The plumbing industry is projected to bring in nearly $130 billion annually in the United States over the coming years. A successful plumbing business requires a complex mixture of technical expertise, design and construction knowledge, and an intense focus on client satisfaction. With more than 25 years of operation, this business excels in each of these domains, with a reputation for excellence across its state. Success for contractors generally is almost always based on reputation. In plumbing contracting specifically, businesses offer bids on projects and need to justify those prices to property owners and developers. This business has oriented its business operations around ensuring that it is optimally positioned to win these bids. That means ensuring that their staff of 24 is well-trained and certified, ensuring that the materials being used are consistent and durable, utilizing technology to improve precision and planning, and demanding an incredibly high standard for everything that they do. This strategy has paid off for the business. Annual revenues average between $5 million and $7 million. They have great relationships with general contractors who often reach out asking for bids on projects. The next owner of this business has the opportunity to inherit an extremely well-positioned business in a part of the country that is ripe with opportunities for growth and expansion. The owner is choosing to sell the business at this time in lieu of his retirement. He currently operates in a semi-absentee capacity, dedicating minimal hours to the business and frequently embarking on extended stays in Florida, all while the capable team efficiently manages the operations. For more information, including full financials, a video Q&A with the owner, SWOT analysis and more, please visit the Business Website link below to sign an electronic NDA and unlock the private information.
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