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30 Regenerative Pain Treatment Centers for Sale - New York

New York County, New York
Health and social services
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Revolutionize Healthcare Investment: 30 Non-Surgical Regenerative Medical Clinics for Sale in New York! - These are new clinics to be built under a franchise and no medical experience necessary. ALL INVESTORS WELCOME Unlock a world of opportunity in the healthcare industry with our cutting-edge, nonsurgical regenerative medical clinics – no medical experience required. We're offering an exclusive package of 30 franchise clinics specializing in advanced, drug-free pain management treatments. Investor-Friendly: Open to all, with or without medical background. Innovative Treatments: Focusing on arthritis, injuries, and more using the latest in regenerative medicine. - Elite Access: Once limited to top athletes, now available to your patients. - Cash-Based Business: No insurance billing, pure concierge service. - Ownership Flexibility: Absentee and Semi-Absentee options. - Supportive Infrastructure: Central call center for lead management and appointments. Interested? Provide your street address for an NDA and further details on this unique venture! Photo: Does not represent actual location is only show a sample representation
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