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For sale is a 7-year-old software consulting company. The company offers a wide range of ERP services and is owned by veterans and service-disabled individuals. Their technical and functional experts team provides leadership in Project Management, Solution Design, Testing Management, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Reporting using third-party software. They also offer custom-built add-ons to suit unique client requirements. While the company can work with commercial clients in any industry that uses SAP, its primary focus is supporting contractors working with the Department of Defense. They have approximately 60 contractors working for them and partner with two well-known primary contractors. The Department of Defense contracts typically span five to seven years, and the prices vary based on education, experience, and certification requirements. There are three active IDIQ (Infinite Delivery Infinite Quantity) contracts, all of which expire in 2026 or later. Due to the nature of these contracts, the contracts will likely be renewed. The company has a unique position regarding its prime/sub relationship. Even if the Prime contractor changes during or after each contract renewal, the company and its employees remain on the project. The employees have non-competes that prevent the prime contractor from poaching them, unlike many sub/prime relationships in the government space. A Veteran would be an ideal buyer since the new owner will need security clearance from the Department of Defense.
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