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Professional Production Landscaping Business

Charleston County, South Carolina
Maintenance and cleaning
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This company has been in business for almost 20 years in SC. The company does landscaping for the national home-builders. This company buttons up the lots before the home-builders can close on the homes. The owners of the company have construction/landscape managers in place to manage the day-to-day crews. The numbers are up every year, very steady growth in a market that has thousands of homes planned. The business clears the lots, installs irrigation, lays sod, rocks, hardscape, trees, shrubs and more. The company also works with custom homebuilders. The business is not tied to one large client. The owners have long-term relationships with the national builders. The company has more work they can handle. A new owner could add their current crew to this company’s work force or hire more employees. The current workforce are all employees with very few subcontractors. Extremely tight and established group of employees. Over 50 lots in progress as of mid-February. The home-builders typical time frame to pay business on lots is 60 days. The owners would establish a lease for the new company purchasing the business. The purchaser of this business should have experience in this sector. This is not a no money down transaction. It’s a simple asset sale. The owners will stay on for a year+ to help.
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