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Innovative Mobile Waste Compaction: 81% Recurring/52% CAGR/$2.43M SDE

United States
Maintenance and cleaning
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Mobile waste and dumpster compaction company saves businesses money and cuts greenhouses gas emissions with state-of-the-art technology. Fast growing sub-industry within an ever-needed trash industry. • Environmentally friendly: Emissions calculated on Co2 savings. • Team: 15-person team with 19+ years of smashing experience and low turnover. Corporate culture of family, fun, high job performance. • Operations: Operationally efficient and easy to manage; sales, operations support, fleet maintenance, and a team of well-trained operators / drivers to execute service. • Franchise: Top franchise in the system. New franchise for the same area would cost $1.75M. • Cash flow: Highly effective A/R collections of 98%.
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