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Highly profitable dealership and finance company

Tulsa County, Oklahoma
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Reoccurring revenue stream with outstanding cash flows Opportunity 1: Thriving Auto Dealership (see attachment for October P&L of dealership only) Step into an extraordinary opportunity to own a highly profitable auto dealership with a 28-year legacy of success. This flourishing dealership has established itself as a pillar of the community, boasting a robust reputation and a dedicated customer base that guarantees steady sales and profitability. With a deep understanding of the local market, the dealership has a competitive edge and is able to stock a diverse range of vehicles to cater to the specific needs and preferences of its diverse customers. One of the key advantages of this auto dealership is the limited permits for new dealerships in the area, which reduces competition and ensures a strong market position. This, combined with the lowest overhead/expense cost in the market, allows the dealership to achieve impressive net profitability, averaging over $200k per month. The dealership has a loyal customer base that consistently generates revenue, making it a highly attractive investment opportunity. The finance company is also a strong lead generator. Over a thousand reviews averaging 5 star. The current owner has meticulously maintained the dealership's operations and has flawlessly passed all regulatory audits. The business employs cutting-edge software for streamlined operations and minimized labor costs, further enhancing its profitability. With a fully operational and well-established presence in the community, this auto dealership is primed for a seamless transition to the new owner. Opportunity 2: Specialized Auto Loan Lending Company (see attached image for portfolio yield of finance company only) Take advantage of a separate, specialized auto loan lending company that offers a consistent reoccurring income stream and enhances the appeal of the auto dealership by providing convenient financing options to customers. This lending company is a goldmine, offering high profit margins, recurring revenue, scalability, and diversification. One of the key advantages of this finance company is its impressive average of 20% interest returns, providing a substantial and reliable income stream. With a $5mm and portfolio that is growing by an average of $400k per month, this finance company promises exceptional returns on capital. The company operates with minimal overhead costs, maximizing profitability. The finance company benefits from regulatory advantages in its jurisdiction, allowing it to operate efficiently and maintain strong customer relationships. With a fully digital and technology enabled operation, the company is able to streamline processes and reduce administrative costs and owner dependency. This, combined with its substantial growth potential, makes it an attractive investment opportunity. The current owner, a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record. Has surpassed all milestones initiated with shareholders in those previous ventures, has ensured that the finance company is fully operational and has flawlessly passed all regulatory audits. Owner is open to creative transaction options and is willing to stay on board to help achieve shareholder milestones, either as an employee or a junior partner retaining up to 20% ownership. Owner is willing to finance part of transaction. These opportunities to acquire two highly profitable businesses in the auto sales and finance industry are truly exceptional. Both the auto dealership and the specialized auto loan lending company offer unique advantages and have a proven track record of success. Serious inquiries are invited to explore these opportunities further. Portfolio and inventory are additional.
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