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Anti-Aging Cosmetic Skin Care Consumer Device Co $4.69M EBITDA for sale in %

United States
High technology
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Company in niche market segment of high-end beauty devices for at-home use, seeking growth / equity partners to help them excel to the next level. The company is trending back towards pre-COVID numbers, with an estimated $3,759,487 in EBITDA for 2021. The Company holds various Patents for their branded devices, which are FDA Approved Class II medical devices. The Company has multiple brands which it owns, and has built upon proven technology to stand apart from its' competition. The Company produces devices that could be used at med-spas, in-home, and additional locations where skin care or aesthetic services are provided.The company has a global reach and customer base, and benefits from recurring sales to large distribution customers in targeted geographic locations. The Company maintains agreements with some of the Company's largest key customers, which have been consistent since the Company began its' COVID-comeback. The Company also has the ability to produce white-label devices, containing the same FDA approved technology.
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