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Manufacturer Of Mission Critical Patented Parts For Sale

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$2.2M EBITDA Manufacturer of Patented Parts The Company is located in Western Canada. They manufacture, distribute and service mission-critical parts for essential equipment primarily involved in the energy sector. The Company sells to international clients in the oil and gas industry. The shareholders are pursuing a full sale of the business to a buyer who can grow the business further. The current owner is willing to remain in the business for a negotiated time period to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership. The reason for the business sale is retirement. Key Investment Highlights: Patents – The Company developed products superior to those already installed on a wide scale basis and has been very well received by the industry served. Their IP has been patented and successfully defended. Service Division – The Company provides excellent service, repair, and maintenance to minimize equipment failures on the job. The Company also offers tips and tricks to help maintain the equipment. Growing Market Share & Recurring Revenue – The Company designs and manufactures a variety of quality products to reduce maintenance costs as well as reduce downtime on job sites. The products have the latest preventative maintenance technology. Parts are also made to be rented if needed for quick jobs.
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