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Structural Building Panel Manufacturing Opportunity For Sale

Houston, Texas
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This is an outstanding opportunity to purchase and own independently one of Gorilla Composite’s high demand panel manufacturing facilities. Each plant produces precision Gorilla Composites structural building panels. The gross sales from just one 8-hour shift, running on a 5-day week production schedule per week, is estimated to generate $29,400,000 per year. Your estimated net profit is $11,306,400 per year. Running at full capacity, 3 shifts per day, 7 days a week, revenue is estimated at $118,335,000 gross, $46,323,950 net. The Gorilla Composites panel is the leader in the new low-carbon precision 4.0 manufacturing of panelized construction building material for modular, manufactured housing, field built to name just a few applications. This structural panel technology addresses the high demand for low cost of construction and rapid construction of high-quality assemblies. The Gorilla Composites stressed skin panel with an expanded impregnated honeycomb core is unique in its exceptional strength to weight ratio. These panels are manufactured to perform as load bearing walls, floors, roofs, and non-bearing walls. No framing is required using the Gorilla Composite Panels. Any finish can be applied after construction such as plaster board, stucco, simulated or real brick, stone, siding, or paint. The finishes can be suited according to local demands or regional appearances. Gorilla Composites Structural Building Panels are manufactured on a proprietary production line. The Gorilla Composite Intermediate Structural Composite (ISC) panel is unique to this application, which addresses all aspects of construction and related industries. The production line is designed to produce one precision 4’ x 8’ panel every 60 seconds. Each line produces 120,000 panels per shift per year on a 5-day work week, 50 weeks per year. This opportunity offers the investor the ability to acquire one or more production lines and begin manufacturing in an exclusive, protected marketing territory. This opportunity would be well fitted for someone with a basic knowledge of the building trades or have a good understanding as to how to run a manufacturing business. However, it is not a necessity to succeed. You should have an existing facility, or the capacity to add-on to an existing facility. It would be a plus to be familiar with and comfortable selling into the local building trade market. Experience with Architects, Civil Engineers, Planners, Surveyors and local building codes is an advantage. For more information about this product and opportunity visit
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