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Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer In California For Sale

California, California
High technology
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Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer BTI 11013 This Corporation is a leading manufacturer of wet processing equipment and related products for the semiconductor and other high-technology industries. The company was founded in 1980 and has since grown to become a trusted provider of innovative solutions for various applications in the High Tech Industries. It is very diversified and sells into many industries due to crossover product lines. This allows them to survive the downturn in specific tech areas. They have a vast customer base with one customer rarely over 10% of annual sales and no one customer ever over 15%. They offer a full line of wet processing equipment designed specifically around the end users’ specification. This includes the following products: Fully automated wet processing stations (dry to dry) Semi-Auto wet processing stations. Manual wet process stations. Solvent stations (all configurations) with Co2 fire systems Chemical delivery systems. Chemical collection systems. Acid neutralizations systems Acid air scrubbers Field service contracts In house equipment repairs Coming out of Covid the tech industry and the US Government have realized the US needs to keep high end fabs and overall tech manufacturing here in the U.S. Due to this company’s customer relationships, longevity, their name and overall networking they have quadrupled their sales backlog in the past 2 years to apx. 10 Million seller will include $250,000 in A/Rs.
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