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Trust is paramount in an industry where the finished product often towers above eye level, as is the case in residential and commercial roofing. Customers cannot go up on their roof to confirm work quality, and must rely on the reputation and the expertise of their contractor to replace or repair one of the most crucial structural elements of their home. In 2016, one working firefighter noted the roofing industry in his region sorely lacked honest, high-quality contractors. With a unique focus on incorporating reliable first responders into the fabric of his business, he founded his own roofing business alongside his wife. By ensuring that their crews utilized high-quality materials while adhering to stringent installation procedures, the company guaranteed a standard of workmanship without cutting corners. Their crew’s commitment to doing the right thing, “even when nobody is looking”, has resonated deeply in an industry where even licensing is not required, setting them apart from competitors. In a relatively short period of time, this company has established itself in the community as a reliable, high-end contractor, with typical projects generating $20,000. “I think that's one of the benefits that we're proud of is that a lot of people do trust us. We have developed many procedures to make sure that our crews are installing the right materials, that we're always using the best quality materials, that our crews are installing it the correct way, making sure that everything is done up to the specification of that manufacturer.” -Co-owner In addition to capturing community trust, the business has maintained impressive profit margins for its size. Exterior residential contractors generate, on average, $200,000 annually per employee. This company is generating nearly double that figure, at $437,500 per employee, which is a testament to their internal efficiencies, consistent workflow, and meticulous attention to detail. The established processes, combined with their stellar reputation, make this business an incredibly lucrative opportunity for a prospective buyer, offering both robust profitability and a solid foothold in the community's trust. For more information, including a video Q&A with the owners, full financials, SWOT analysis and more, please visit the goexio site and locate the listing to sign an electronic NDA and unlock the private details.
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