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The firm is a leading global technology education company, offering coding programs, both online and face-to-face courses on campuses. With an 81% employment rate for graduates within six months post-graduation, the Company is dedicated to teaching in-demand technologies, ensuring a transition from novice to proficient coder, with an emphasis on unlimited career support. Established almost a decade ago, the company is headquartered in the state of Florida. Licensed by the Department of Education in Florida, the firm operates in multiple locations/campuses, and several sites across the World. Its operations efficiently scale across various geographies and tech stacks, with a proven track record of expanding into diverse cultures and regions. The business model that can be utilized to enter the untapped markets. In the period ‘20-’23E, the company’s revenue grew by 81% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate), projected to reach USD 5.6m total revenue in 2023 and EBITDA of $2.2m. In the next couple of years, the Company's management expects the business to outpace the market. The EBITDA margin in the observed period has improved to 34% (’22) with a high conversion of EBITDA to operating and free cash flow. The Company's growth has been achieved through a bootstrapped approach, with minor investment contributions. Team: The Company is run by its serial entrepreneur founders. The company has close to 100 employees/contractors (w2, w8, and w9). The company operates with a headquarters structure. The HQ team includes the CEO, a VP, the head of culture and recruitment, a growth marketing manager, and a finance team. Additionally, the software engineering and SEO teams are also based at the headquarters. At each campus or location, a Country Manager leads the operations, supported by various full-time staff and support functions. Services and Clients: The company specializes in providing Full-Stack Development, as well as Data Science and Machine Learning programs. These programs are accessible both online and in-person, catering to diverse learning preferences. What sets the Company apart from other coding boot camps is its commitment to lifelong 1:1 coding mentorship and maintaining a student-teacher ratio that is higher than average, ensuring a more personalized learning experience for each student. The cost of enrollment varies, depending on the chosen program format and geographical location. Prices typically range from $4.5K to $11K. The course structure is designed to be 85% online and 15% in-person, offering a balanced approach to theory and practical application.
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