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Mirabelles Bakery Business In South Burlington For Sale

Burlington, Vermont
Retail business
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Popular and Well-Established Bakery for Sale In October 1990, Alison Lane and Andrew Silva opened Mirabelles in Burlington Vermont, a bakery providing breakfast treats, cakes, mini pastries and more. It quickly became a vibrant and popular destination. In 2001, Mirabelles doubled in size and added full-service breakfast and lunch. Mirabelles was now considered a Burlington institution. After more than 30 years in Burlington, Mirabelles was ready for to grow again, but in a slightly different direction. To accommodate a growing wholesale operation, they relocated to South Burlington, moving away from the sit-down cafe model to refocus primarily on their bakery products and retail counter service. The new space was needed to allow Mirabelles to expand on their rapidly growing bake-at-home croissants and other frozen goods that are sold in shops and groceries across the region. Shortly after moving into their new space, COVID hit. After a brief shutdown, the Mirabelles team began baking again to meet demand. Customers were anxious for familiar, comforting food, and Mirabelles delivered, producing not only their regular menu of cakes, mini-pastries, and breakfast treats, but also developing new items such as frozen bake-at-home meals and hand pies, which continue to be very popular even as COVID recedes. The shop remains as busy as ever. Looking Forward: After more than 32 years, Alison and Andrew have decided that it is time to give someone else the chance to continue the Mirabelles tradition. A new owner of Mirabelles will operate a vibrant and popular destination that is successful as it stands now. There are many opportunities to expand even further on that success. Here are a few avenues to do that: Scale up the wholesale of frozen products: There is a market beyond Vermont for the kind of high quality bake-at-home goods that Mirabelles is producing. Other items could be added to the current menu of frozen pastry products. Consider wholesale for the frozen take-and-bake suppers. Expand operating hours: Since opening after COVID , Mirabelles has continued being open 8am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday. Expand those hours back to pre-COVID levels, by being open until 5 or 6pm and opening 6 or 7 days a week. More lunch products: The hand pies that we make (in a variety of flavors) are very popular, and the breakfast sandwiches almost always sell out. Expand those type of breakfast and lunch options. Wedding Cakes: Mirabelles did wedding cakes for nearly 20 years, but stopped to focus on other products. People still call to ask, just start saying “yes”. Beta Technologies: Beta, primarily known for developing electric planes, is building a large campus adjacent to the Mirabelles location. The first of what will be hundreds of hungry engineers and support staff are already regular customers. As Beta grows, continue to develop a close relationship with them. Put your mark on it: Mirabelles has become an institution by creating both lasting traditions and new ideas. A new owner will have a solid foundation from which to build their own vision. For more information, please contact us by using the form below.
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