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Profitable Demolition, Dismantling, Salvage And Recycling! (37953) For Sale

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This Massachusetts-based business has a rich history, of almost 40 years, in serving the New England market for demolition, dismantling, asbestos and hazardous materials abatement, salvage and recycling spheres. A seasoned team with hundreds of years of combined corporate experience stand ready and capable of addressing any demolition need. Clients include electric and gas utilities, major oil companies as well as private and municipal storage tank and facility owners of every type, hospitals, educational facilities from elementary through college, military and defence contractors, developers, municipalities, manufacturing and industrial. We provide competitive, comprehensive solutions for the varied needs of all market segments. 85 to 110 union and non-union personnel are typically employed to handle 8 to 12 individual projects at a time with durations of 1 to 9 months. The company strives to remain a leader in the demolition industry by embracing a culture of innovation, safety, integrity, and respect for our employees, clients, and the environment. A state-of-the-art fleet of modern excavators demonstrates the company's reliance on mechanization versus manpower in completing work safely, efficiently, and profitably. The April fiscal year-end Revenues reached $39MM with Discretionary Earnings of $5.4MM! The company operates out of an office one mile from its prime location of 60 acres where the recycling functions are handled. This successful business has an excellent foundation for further growth if desired. Contact IAG M&A Advisors today for more information!
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