Who are the professionals involved in the business sale process?

Saad Benryane

The sale of a business is a multi-faceted process that requires the intervention of experts from several backgrounds. The success, and especially the profitability of your transfer process, depends largely on the choice of entourage you make.

It is therefore essential to understand at the outset the skills and role of each of these professionals in the business sales process, which we explain in detail in this article.

Lawyer: Master of the legal world, the lawyer is the key to a secure transaction. Its essential role is to safeguard your interests and those of your company through the implementation of confidentiality clauses and due diligence, in addition to being in charge of the clearest negotiations with the potential acquisitor.

The choice of a business lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions and business transfers is inevitable in order to benefit from appropriate advice, particularly on the type of business transfer to be prioritized.

Chartered Professional Accountant: The expertise of a Chartered Professional Accountant is required to complete a business transfer. It will determine the fair value of your business and the tax measures necessary to optimize it and make it more attractive to a potential buyer. Moreover, a CPA is just as useful for the seller as it is for the buyer in order to present counter-appraisals on the alleged value of the company.

Notary: This lawyer of impartiality and non-contentious avenue can represent a strong ally. The notary’s contractual expertise and his ambition to settle any transaction with a spirit of agreement can help join the interests of the parties and to conclude a business sale without conflict. However, the notary’s main advantage lies in the authenticity of the documents he writes. Any contract signed by a notary demonstrates its content and becomes difficult to attack in case of dispute. This is its primary purpose as a member of your business transfer team, to authenticate the entire agreement with the acquirer. Such an approach is preventive and minimizes the risk of litigation.

Expert fiscal: Lorsqu’une manœuvre fiscale est nécessaire pour vendre l’entreprise à un acheteur potentiel (comme l’exonération des gains en capital), les conseils d’un expert fiscal seront requis à des fins de conformité et d’optimisation. Les lois fiscales étant le jargon intelligible qu’elles sont, seule une expérience concrète sur le terrain vous permettra d’effectuer votre manœuvre fiscale en conformité avec la loi.

Business Sales Broker: This actor acts from the first manifestation of your desire to sell or buy a business. Its role is simple: finding the future buyer of a company. Working with the other players in the transfer team, Openfair will help you find the buyer whose profile matches your needs and wishes.

Openfair, make your life easier! You will find all these professionals who will guide you through the process of selling/buying a company, without wasting time looking elsewhere.

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