May 13, 2024
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Top 7 Businesses For Sale by Owners in Texas (2024)

Texas Economic Profile

  • Governor: Greg Abbott, Republican
  • Population: 30,029,572
  • GDP growth (Q1 2023): 3.0%
  • Unemployment rate (May 2023): 4.10%
  • Top corporate tax rate: None
  • Top individual income tax rate: None
  • Gasoline tax: 38.40 cents/gallon
  • Bond rating (Moody’s/S&P): Aaa, Stable/AAA, Stable

Economic profile sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federation of Tax Administrators, American Petroleum Institute (including 18.40 cent/gallon federal tax), Moody’s Investor Service, S&P Global Market Intelligence

1. Security Franchise Selling Corporate Locations For Sale:

A unique and lucrative opportunity awaits with this security franchise offering the sale of 7 locations in Texas, one in Alabama, and one in Nevada. Positioned for a quick sale, these franchises boast strong revenues and are attractively priced. The franchise model includes full management in place, and an executive model is available for discerning individual investors. This is a rare chance to acquire established, revenue-generating assets within a thriving industry. Interested parties are invited to fill out a form to learn more about this exceptional opportunity.

  • Location: Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, with additional locations in Texas, Alabama, and Nevada
  • Asking Price: $1M - $5M
  • Sales Revenue: $1M - $5M
  • Cash Flow: $500K - $2.5M

Business Highlights:

  1. Franchise Portfolio: Security franchise offering 7 locations in Texas, one in Alabama, and one in Nevada.
  2. Strong Revenues: All locations have robust and consistent revenues.
  3. Priced to Sell: Attractive pricing for a quick and advantageous sale.
  4. Full Management: Each location has full management in place, providing a turnkey operation.
  5. Executive Model: Opportunity for individual investors to explore an executive model.
  6. Franchise Resale: Franchise opportunities for resale.

Business Operation:

Reasons for Selling: Building their franchise model.

Trading Hours: 24/7 operation.

Employees: 20

Years Established: 2

Franchise Information:

Franchise Opportunity: Franchise Resale.

Other Information:

Support & Training: Full support and training available.

Financing Available: Yes.

Home-Based: This business can be run from home.

Relocatable: This business can be relocated.

This security franchise presents a unique chance to acquire multiple locations with strong revenues, providing an immediate entry into the security industry. For more detailed information and to explore this incredible opportunity further, interested parties are encouraged to fill out the provided form.

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2. B2B & Distribution Of Plastic Packaging For Sale:

This established business, situated in Texas for over 44 years, specializes in B2B distribution of cleanroom class-100 and class-50 plastic packaging. The company acts as a private intermediary for brand distribution, offering a diverse range of products, including polyethylene bags, film, shrouds, sheets, tubing, and custom-designed substrate packaging. Boasting strong partnerships with re-manufacturing suppliers, the business sets itself apart with streamlined operations, skilled engineer-oriented personnel, and enduring customer relationships.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: $3,500,000 (Includes Furniture/Fixtures)
  • Sales Revenue: $4,183,404
  • Cash Flow: $1,200,000

Business Highlights:

  1. Longevity & Expertise: Over 44 years of experience in the industry with specialized expertise in cleanroom class-100 and class-50 plastic packaging.
  2. Diverse Product Range: Offers a comprehensive range of plastic packaging products, including bags, film, shrouds, sheets, tubing, and custom-designed substrate packaging.
  3. Relocatable: Easily relocatable within the first 30-60 days after purchase.
  4. Strong Partnerships: Maintains strong partnerships with re-manufacturing suppliers, ensuring smooth operations.
  5. Online Ratings: High online ratings and ongoing reputation in the market.
  6. Experienced Team: Operates with a skilled three-man engineer-oriented personnel.
  7. Financial Performance: Total revenues for 2022 reached $4,183,404, with a gross profit of $1.2 million and EBITDA of $713,492.
  8. Sales Projections: Anticipates sales to reach up to $4.5 million for 2023.
  9. Client Base: Serves longstanding Fortune 500 clients in the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and electronic sectors.
  10. Market Growth: Opportunities for growth through social media engagement and aggressive advertising.

Property Information:

Real Estate: Lease

Size: 10,000+/- square feet

Business Operation:

Reasons for Selling: Approaching retirement.

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.

Employees: 3-man crew, nonunion.

Years Established: 1979

Other Information:

Support & Training: Quality-focused functionality continued with a 6 to 12-month Owner Transitioning.

Owner Financing: Available, negotiable up to 20% for the right buyer.

Furniture / Fixtures Value: $213,779 (Included in the Asking Price)

This B2B distribution business represents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter or expand in the plastic packaging industry. With a solid track record, strategic partnerships, and ongoing growth potential, this business is well-positioned for a smooth transition to new ownership. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the seller for more information.

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3. Marketing Advertising Company Serving Green Energy Suppliers In Texas For Sale:

This business opportunity involves the sale of a marketing and advertising firm based in Texas, primarily serving retail green energy suppliers. Positioned as the suppliers' 'sales & marketing arm,' the company plays a crucial role in driving retail sales to end customers through effective marketing tools and strategies. Additionally, the business provides general call center and back-office services, along with client relationship management through a secondary entity.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: On request
  • Sales Revenue: $4,419,000
  • Cash Flow: $806,000

Key Aspects:

  1. Established Marketing Infrastructure: Possesses a fully established marketing infrastructure, including two international call centers, trained customer service and third-party Verifying (TPV) agents, and nimble growth strategies.
  2. Client Contracts: Holds contracts with key energy and gas suppliers, ensuring a steady flow of business.
  3. Database Strength: Owns a comprehensive database with over 250,000 customer contact points, a valuable asset to be resold year after year.
  4. Online Presence: Manages three owned websites that continually drive sales and prospective customer data.
  5. Diversified Revenue Streams: Engages in diversified revenue segments, encompassing sales, marketing, bilingual customer service, and back-office services.
  6. Cost-Efficient Operations: Demonstrates cost-efficient systems and operations to enhance profitability.


International Growth:

Opportunity to expand energy sales in Spain and explore entry into other European countries.

TPV Services Launch:

Anticipates the launch of full TPV services in Q3 2023, expected to become a significant profit center.

Investment in Advertising:

Potential for continued investment in additional advertising vehicles and strategies, translating to increased calls, sales, and customer contact points.

Current Markets:

Represents over 20 Retail Electricity Provider clients (REPs) requiring marketing and sales support in the U.S. and Europe.

Serves businesses in need of robust back-office support services with Spanish or English-speaking representatives.

Real Estate:

Operates from three locations, including a leased 4,000-square-foot headquarters in Texas and two owned locations in South America. The Texas lease is assumable, and the other two locations are expected to be part of the sale.

Shareholder Objectives:

Ownership is open to remaining post-sale to assist with future growth or considering an eventual full exit, depending on the deal structure. Various deal structures are considered to facilitate a transaction.

This business presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the marketing and green energy sectors. With a solid foundation, international growth prospects, and diversified revenue streams, this business is well-positioned for continued success. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to explore this exciting opportunity further.

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4. State Of The Art Software Company For Sale:

This long-established and well-managed software company is listed for sale, presenting a lucrative opportunity for prospective buyers. With an asking price of $1,500,000 and impressive financial figures, the business has a proven track record in developing state-of-the-art software solutions tailored for three main industries. However, the adaptable nature of their software allows seamless modification for businesses of any size across various industries.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: $1,500,000
  • Sales Revenue: $1,500,000
  • Cash Flow: $600,000

Business Highlights:

1. Proven Software Solutions: Specialized in state-of-the-art software catering to warehouse/logistics, freight forwarding (shipping overseas), and retail businesses for efficient inventory management.

2. Diverse Industry Applications: Customizable software suitable for businesses of any size, spanning large corporations to medium and small enterprises.

3. Noteworthy Clientele: Counts very large corporations among its main clients. Further details and a demo of the top-line software can be provided upon discussion with prospective buyers.

4. Comprehensive Services: Beyond software development, the company offers services such as computer installations, website development, staff training, and customer support.

5. Growth Potential: Presents substantial growth opportunities for the next owner, positioning it as a fantastic business prospect.

6. Experienced Management: Well-managed with 40 years of establishment, ensuring stability and reliability.

7. Retirement Sale: Reason for selling is retirement, opening up an excellent opportunity for new ownership.

8. Employee Structure:  full-time employees dedicated to supporting the business operations.

Other Information:

Support & Training: Seller is committed to providing training for a smooth transition to the new owner.

Relocatable: Yes, the business can be relocated.

This software company, with its proven solutions and expansive services, offers an attractive proposition for buyers looking to enter or expand in the software development industry. The retiring owner's commitment to training and the business's adaptability make it a compelling investment. For more details, interested parties are encouraged to contact the broker, Steven Mencini, for a comprehensive discussion.

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5. Long Established Family-owned Air Conditioning And Heating Business For Sale:

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a long-established family-owned air conditioning and heating business based in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 1975, this well-regarded business offers a range of HVAC services, including maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement. With a loyal customer base and a solid reputation, this business has the potential for further growth, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking to enter the HVAC industry or expand their presence in the southwest Fort Worth area.

  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: $1M - $5M (Includes Furniture/Fixtures and Inventory/Stock)
  • Sales Revenue: $1M - $5M
  • Cash Flow: $250K - $500K

Business Highlights:

  1. Established Family-Owned Business: Founded in 1975 and has remained in the family, showcasing a legacy of experience and customer trust.
  2. Comprehensive HVAC Services: Offers a variety of HVAC services, including maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement.
  3. Loyal Customer Base: Enjoys a customer base known for its loyalty, eliminating the need for extensive advertising or social media presence.
  4. Strategic Location: Situated in the southwest Fort Worth area, providing a strategic position for servicing the local community.
  5. Asset Purchase: The sale includes the company phone number, existing inventory, office equipment, and a couple of work trucks.
  6. Qualified Buyer Requirements: Prospective buyers must possess an HVAC license and the necessary industry experience.
  7. Reason for Selling: The owners are planning for retirement, creating an opportunity for a new owner to take over and continue the business's legacy.
  8. Years Established: Since 1975, showcasing decades of industry experience and a strong market presence.

Asset Value:

Furniture/Fixtures: $75,000 (Included in the Asking Price)

Inventory/Stock: $150,000 (Included in the Asking Price)

This HVAC business presents a unique opportunity for a qualified buyer to acquire an established and reputable operation with a loyal customer base. With the potential for further growth and a strategic location, this business is well-positioned for success in the Fort Worth area. Interested parties are invited to contact the seller for more information and initiate discussions.

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6. Auto Repair Business In Texas For Sale:

An excellent opportunity awaits for those seeking an established auto repair business in Texas. Located strategically near major commercial establishments, this business benefits from high foot traffic and offers services for both foreign and domestic vehicles. With a loyal client base and a knowledgeable seller, this auto repair business is a promising venture for those looking to enter the automotive service industry.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: $1,040,000 (Includes Inventory/Stock)
  • Sales Revenue: $1,390,000
  • Cash Flow: $415,000

Business Highlights:

  1. Prime Location: Strategically positioned near major commercial businesses, attracting high foot traffic.
  2. Comprehensive Auto Repair Services: Specializes in both foreign and domestic vehicle repairs, catering to a broad customer base.
  3. Loyal Clientele: Boasts a loyal client base with repeat customers who have provided positive reviews.
  4. Seller's Knowledge: The seller possesses vast knowledge, often consulted by other mechanics in the industry.
  5. Business Reputation: Established reputation for quality auto repair services and customer satisfaction.
  6. Reason for Selling: The owner is planning for retirement, creating an opportunity for a new owner to take over the business.
  7. Years Established: In operation for 12 years, demonstrating a solid track record and experience in the auto repair industry.

Asset Value:

Furniture/Fixtures: $60,000

Inventory/Stock: $500 (Included in the Asking Price)

Support & Training:

The seller is willing to provide training to ensure a smooth transition for the new owner.

This auto repair business, with its prime location, loyal customer base, and knowledgeable seller, presents a lucrative opportunity for those interested in the automotive service sector. The strategic placement and positive reputation contribute to the business's success and potential for continued growth. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact the seller for more details and to initiate discussions.

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7. Amazing Insurance Company - Remarkable 30% Growth, Impressive For Sale:

This full-service, brand-name insurance agency in Texas is a remarkable business with impressive growth, boasting a 30% annual increase. The agency deals in both personal and commercial lines of insurance, offering a comprehensive range of coverage. With a strategic location in a high-traffic area and a focus on internet leads and referrals, this insurance business has established a strong presence and a solid client base.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Asking Price: $995,000 (Includes Furniture/Fixtures)
  • Sales Revenue: $641,000
  • Cash Flow: $371,180

Insurance Offerings:

Personal Lines:





Travel Trailer

Rental Insurance


Commercial Lines:


Workers Comp

BOP Policy

General Liability


Landlord Policies

Business Highlights:

  1. High Traffic Location: Situated in a beautiful, modern building in a high-traffic area on a major thoroughfare.
  2. Impressive Growth: Achieved a remarkable 30% annual growth rate, showcasing the business's strong performance.
  3. Effective Marketing: Leverages internet leads and personal referrals, with a focus on high visibility on Google searches.
  4. Motivated Team: Agents and staff are highly motivated, contributing to increased sales and sustained momentum.
  5. Well-Managed Operations: Well-trained, highly seasoned staff can efficiently run day-to-day activities without owner involvement.

Property Information:

Real Estate: Lease

Lease Terms: 5-year lease at $3,280 per month, including rent and utilities. Expires on May 1, 2026.

Premises Details:

2,200 sq. ft. space with 5 offices, a reception area, a large conference room, and a supply room.

Business Operation:

Expansion Potential: Unlimited, consistently growing at 30% per year.

Competition/Market: Various insurance agencies, both name brand and independent.

Reason for Selling: Medical reasons – The owner is moving out of state.

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 5:30 PM

Employees: 7

Years Established: 2020

Support & Training:

The owner offers 30 days of free, onsite training and 6 months of phone consulting as needed.


SBA financing is available.

Furniture/Fixtures Value:

$15,000 (Included in the Asking Price)

This insurance business represents an exceptional opportunity for individuals looking to enter or expand in the insurance industry. With substantial growth, a motivated team, and effective marketing strategies, it's poised for continued success. Prospective buyers are encouraged to explore this opportunity further by contacting the seller for additional information.

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In conclusion, the diverse spectrum of businesses available for purchase in Texas presents promising opportunities for prospective buyers. From a security franchise with established revenue-generating assets to a long-standing B2B distributor of plastic packaging and a marketing and advertising firm serving green energy suppliers, each business offers unique advantages and growth potential. Additionally, a state-of-the-art software company, a reputable family-owned HVAC business, an established auto repair venture, and a flourishing insurance agency further contribute to the richness of this market. Whether seeking immediate entry into thriving industries, expansion opportunities, or well-managed ventures with proven track records, these businesses cater to various interests and aspirations. Prospective buyers are encouraged to engage with sellers for in-depth discussions, paving the way for successful and strategic acquisitions in the dynamic Texas business landscape.

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