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30 year old Software and Advertising Firm for sale

Bellevue, Washington
High technology
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Boutique Northwest enterprise commenced operations online at the dawn of the internet in 1989 now for sale by the last remaining stakeholder. Company has achieved substantial success, cultivating and consistently nurturing multiple brands over the last 30 years within the thriving online sectors of software development, app development, advertising, digital marketing, branding, and web design. Firm dominates Google and Bing and includes two advertising firms, three software companies and a web design firm based in Seattle, all of which operate remotely from each other but managed in one location by less than three people. This enterprise boasts a diverse array of offerings, including a range of distinctive and well-established intellectual property (IP) processes and methodologies that have been finely honed over time. This grants the owner valuable insights into market trends, consumer preferences across different age groups and cultures, as well as other proprietary IP that provides a competitive edge. The portfolio also incorporates an extensive collection of over 1200 top-level 35 year old .com domains and ongoing app development projects, among other lucrative assets. Notably, the company generated $2.7 million in revenue in 2022, as evident from its income tax filings and bank statements. The stakeholder expressly seeks cash offers exclusively, disallowing any creative financing arrangements or broker-related schemes. Detailed offering materials will be shared upon the execution of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) accompanied by appropriate identification verification.
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